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Fillings need to be done to restore damaged by decay back to their normal shape and function. Fillings are done by removing the decayed material, cleaning the affected area, and then filling the cavity with a filling material. A filling will help to prevent further damage and decay to the infected tooth by closing off any cracks or spaces.

There are two kinds of fillings: Amalgam and Composite

Amalgam fillings are used to fill cavities. It’s a mixture of metal consisting of mercury, alloy, silver, tin and copper. They’re more commonly referred to as “silver fillings” due to their appearance. They are strong and long-lasting and less expensive than other filling material.

Composite fillings are used to help the tooth withstand fracture and small to mid-sized restorations. These fillings are created from a mixture of glass and quartz filler. The main benefit from using composite fillings is that less of the tooth is removed during the procedure than amalgam fillings. They are also tooth colored instead of silver, and a lot of patients prefer them because they help with appearance. Their downfall is that they are less durable than the silver fillings.